Present Perfect

by Dear Me,

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If you paid attention in your high-school Spanish class, you’ll remember that the present perfect tense is used in sentences wherein a past event has present consequences. For example: Dear me,'s founders Sam Columna and Andrew Rogers have been playing music together since Andrew got a guitar for Christmas in 2003.

Present Perfect captures their long, strange journey to the present, featuring songs that are half a decade old, alongside songs that are obviously not any older than election season 2016. Like finding your ex's hair on your brand new peacoat, Present Perfect is a 9 song embodiment of the past aching into the future. It's an album in which classic musical and lyrical themes echo in a contemporary setting, frequently subverting your expectations, and always begging for another listen.


released June 10, 2017

Dear me, is:

Andrew Rogers - Guitar, Vox;
Sam Columna - Guitar, Bass, Vox;
Jamie Beekman - Keys, Vox

Special thanks to:
Elliott Cook - Drums, tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9;
Casey Cormier - Bass, tracks 2, 5, 7;
Tyler Glasgow - Synth Instruments, slide guitar, tracks 3, 9
Photos by Loria Carnefix -
Artwork by Bianca West -

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 engineered by Tyler Glasgow, Jack Roberts, and Jeff Hummel;
Tracks 1, 3, 4, and 9 produced by Tyler Glasgow and Jack Roberts;
Tracks 2, 5, and 7 produced by Damon DuPont at Beyone the Infinite Multimedia in Lakewood, CO

All tracks mixed and mastered at Streetlight Audio by Tyler Glasgow and Jock Roberts



all rights reserved


Dear Me, Denver, Colorado

Like if Louis C.K. formed an Indie Rock band with the Beatles.

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Track Name: Be Who We Need To Be
I guess that my first love's mom was right, yeah I'm a bit obsessive.
and my next girl she didn't waste her time I should've been more aggressive.

The next one we all know well we showed how love can look like Hell.
I wasted her and she ruined me, till finally we both got free;
now to my surprise I find myself acting like her, hating my wealth,
listening to country tunes, and self absorbed with selfish blues.

But if I'm gonna be the product of these past and present “me”s
I hope it's clear at least I know I didn't have to go through
everything that I put us through, dear, you know it can't be all bad.
As long as this ends and we're both alive, I'll put you by my side
cuz we'll be who we need to be in time.

And all along you've been my muse, my pen and pad, my flip flopped shoes
I choose to love, or can't help need, can't make or take, can wound can bleed.
We're so imperfect, so damn sloppy, broken tongued and knees a knockin'
this damn bed, yeah we both made it, but who has the guts to lay in it?


You're love scratch scarred too like cribs out on that lawn not at rest for certain.
Regrets I let happen, heaped make me go ghostly, so translucent.

But if I'm gonna be made of these past and present “me”s
I hope that you know how it goes.
As long as this ends and we're both alive I'll put you by my side.
Cuz we'll be who we need to be in time.
Track Name: This is Love
Don't you know we're all dying? Is it life or is it fate?
Cuz lately I've been suffocating on all your marital hate.

There's a soon to be widow, she's wealthy but alone.
She lives in her own little world that she herself controls.

Don't tell me this is love, because if it is I've had enough.

She just can't seem to figure why I always run and hide.
She's a victim to her blindness, just as I was of her pride.

But true love is in a heartbeat. Never ending simplicity.
You can stop to watch my heartbreak. But you don't have to let it bleed.


Take it all, take it all, leave me, I don't wanna go home.

Track Name: The News
Tonight I need something good, so I'm digging for my favorite cd.
You know, the one where I know every word. So I can take those songs with me.
And I'll sing at the top of my lungs, even the words that I know aren't true.

Cuz I need something stuck inside my head besides the news.

Can't take another word, won't watch another screen
and yet the way that we're all broken just keeps echoing.
I'm too worn out to pray, too calloused to believe that things could ever change,
with everything that's going on, could breaking down really be wrong?


Oh look, another day there's bad news trending,
and I'm too scared to click and read what's never ending.
What's done is barely done before we try to profit from what's going wrong,
so pick a side and settle in, cuz someone's gotta win this thing.

Cuz there's the thing, and there's the reaction,
and it shouldn't be so hard to see what's worse,
the death or the distraction, so could I just get one day to hurt about the thing
before the reaction...

Tonight I need something good, so I'm digging for my favorite cd.
You know, the one where I know every word. So I can take those songs with me.
And I'll sing at the top of my lungs, even the words that I know aren't true.

Track Name: Anything at All
Sometimes you realize a little too late for your own sake
that you gotta fix some shit. Because you can't cross over that line again.
The one you made a few years ago, that you never would let a vindictive soul
convince you that life without her would never make you happy.

Have faith, you gotta keep your head straight.
Hold on, you'll thank me when it's all done.
And when it's over you'll be a new man for the better.

I'd do anything at all to be happier on my own.
Now you've already left, I already regret wishing you'd come back home.

I know that you've been losing sleep now,
you've been hurt too many ways to see how this is good. I swear this is a good thing.
Deep breaths, all you need to do is trust me,
at least it's better than always chasing every pretty smile that happens to look your way.

Have faith, you gotta keep your head straight.
Hold on, you'll thank me when it's all done.
And when it's over you'll be a new man for the better.

Track Name: Dying is Overdone
Well maybe all I want is to burn it down.
I could be kidding myself making all this sound.
And maybe all that I'm doing is killing time,
since killing myself would be over the line.

I know I'm selfish when I talk about suicide,
and just because I don't mean it don't make it a lie.
But when I get sick I cling to my life.
So either I'm not done, or I'm just scared to die.

Do something different if you wanna make it big.
Don't you know that dying is overdone?
But if you're not trending yet then you might as well call it quits,
cuz it's hard to be seen when you're unheard of.

It's true I make the worst out of every word,
I've forgotten every syllable of kindness I've heard.
But if I'm weak in the night, I'm strong when I rise,
full of nightmares of failure to hide inside.


What've you got if you're just who you are?
There's a million of you but none have made it very far.
So go ahead and give up, blend in with the crowd,
there's no way to make noise when everybody's so loud.

All that I've got is what i've learned up to now,
I think most of it's wrong but I'll keep going anyhow.
I do what I do, I am what I am, it might not sell, but it's no different in the end.

So maybe all I'm doing is burning it down.
I could be just killing time making all this sound.
But when I start to feel sick I cling to my life,
so either I'm just scared or I'm not ready to die.
Track Name: Somebody Else
I've tried to loosen my hold on the things that comfort me most.
I'm like an addict without his fix, stuck here shaking in this room alone.
Maybe it's just cold outside, but you're already gone. You're already gone.

What do I do when I'm all alone,
what do I do with this faithless hope leading me every which way
to the point that I don't know which way is home.

You lied to tighten your grasp on the things we both knew wouldn't last.
You had me spinning around in circles figuring the best way to act.
Maybe all my trust is gone, but it's all for the best.


Of all the things I'd hate to need, worst of all is somebody else.

Track Name: Credit Where it's Due
I left your guitar in pieces on the floor in the corner of a house across town.
And I don't give a damn anymore what it takes to make you happy in a true love you've found.
One thing I've learned, I can only credit to you,
it seems like one day I'm the hero, the next no better than a fool.
Now I'll stop wasting my time thinking you're the one love I'll lose.

You're different from the rest, indeed I must've been blessed to be able to see you walk out that door.
Those months of stress you caused me, I just began inhaling,
and look, you found a way to hate me more.

One thing I've learned, I can only credit to her.
No matter how hard you fight she'll take the best parts from you.

One day I'm the hero, the next no better than a fool.

You say you don't need me. I'm sorry we can't agree on one simple thing.
But see if from my perspective, your actions were quite reckless,
and I didn't have a moment to think.

One thing I've learned, I can only credit to her.
No matter how hard you fight she'll take the best parts from you.

Track Name: Pushing Pills
My mom might vote for Donald Trump.
She's not a racist, my dad's an Asian.
And I might vote for Hillary,
though I agree, she's kinda sleazy.

No one cares. No one really thinks this matters.
And when you're so sure that it will,
you just sound like you're pushing pills.

My girl's new place feels kind of cheap.
It's less than spacious. The rent's outrageous.
Her roommate wants the dishes clean.
They'll have a big talk about clearing sink space up.


Some are waiting for God to strike them blind to decide between wrong and right.
Some are waiting until the timing's right to make the changes on their minds.
And I've prayed for death more than I've prayed for life.

My parents fought when I was small.
My clearest memories are of them yelling.

Track Name: The Divide
Watch the divide.
Watch the divide divide.
Watch the divide divide divides
divide divides divide.

It's so black and white.
Finding truth is as simple as choosing sides.
You're either left of right.
And if we disagree, you can rest assured that you're nothing like me,
they said so on TV.

Show me your God, I'll show you a book of matches.
Show me your love, I'll show you a selfish fetish.


Fight for that divide.
Fight because our real God is that thing white line
that makes believe wrong and right.
One place we agree: if they'd just disappear life would be so easy.
Looks like we'll try and see.

Look at my skin, tell me that I choose to wear it.
Look at my life, tell me it's your cross to bear it.

Ten fingers, ten toes, healthy kids, happy homes.
Same dreams on each side.

Who wins when we divide?